You Must Don’t Know ‘Bout Me

By on September 30, 2013

It’s upsetting to receive judgement from people you know, like your family and friends.  Sometimes they’re just expressing their personal disapproval of something that you’ve done, are going to do or you did. These types of disagreements usually don’t last too long even though they may be quite heated while they do last.

This type of judgment is nothing in comparison to the type of judgement that comes from people who don’t know you at all. These are the people who hear about you, see your pictures on social media or just come to a conclusion of you based on who they saw you WITH in a random picture.  These type of people, the ones who don’t know you will become the primary suspects of the arson in your life that was meant to burn you down. They start firestorms of rumors about you based on their imaginative conclusion of who you are.

These people generally attempt to carry disdain for you because they’ve come to a judgment, generally based on their comparison of themselves to you. They site the differences of what you’ve done, worn and hung around via your pictures or tweets and allow that jealousy to mount a personal vengeance against you, someone they’ve never met. They don’t know how tall you are or how your voice sounds or if you have a mole on your neck because they’ve never met you – BUT they are quick to talk about you.  The good thing about this is that they hold the proverbial colander to sift your real friends out and the framework for new, true friends to walk into the picture of your life.

*You ARE NOT just a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feed. 
*There is no need for you to make public outlash or rebuttal to these types of misinterpretations.
*Their character is defined by how lowly and ill they speak of you but YOUR character becomes defined by how you respond to a meaningless debacle.

Don’t get mad, get glad. And find humor in the rumor.

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