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By on October 25, 2014
ispeak female promo

I’m a firm believer that music and fashion go hand and hand. Apparently the guys over at “iSpeakFemale”  feel the same way. The company, headed by producer Brvnnu, has just released a promotional mixtape entitled “Maybe It’s the Way iSpeak” ( the link is is below) to promote the release and conception of the brand new clothing line.  The tape features fan favorite Chay$e as well as the beautiful Jayms Madision .The music captures the essence of the line’s brand which includes eclectic, casual pieces for both male and female shoppers. I’ve included some samples of the threads below. Brvnnu stopped by to chat with us about the hot new line. Get into our mini interview after the jump.


1. What inspired you to do a clothing line?
“I was tired of going into stores seeing the same every day things nothing really challenging the norm.”
2. If you could see one female celebrity wear your stuff , who would it be ?
“Um probably Teyana Taylor just cuz I love her swag!”
3. How did you come up with the name iSpeakFemale?
“Well as a guy u have to be able to speak to a lady a certain way,for you to get any type of reaction or any type of play from her,so there for you have to speak female in a sense,so I just put that all into one word ispeakfemale,and the clothing lines direction is just a way and form of appreciation for women in sexy ,creative, and artistic way!”
 Download the mixtape here -

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