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By on September 23, 2014

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Let’s talk about THE IMPORTANCE OF POSTURE!!!  Why am I yelling though….? lol

Posture, it…

1. Helps you sit, stand, and walk without undue stress on muscles and ligaments of the lower back.

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2. Decreases muscle fatigue because the proper alignment allows for efficient motion and energy expenditure

3. Appear more confident

4. Look better in your clothes

So what is great posture? No one wants to walk around like they have stick up there back side. Walking, standing, and sitting in proper alignment starts with the ankles. The principles of alignment are similar but not identical pertaining to siting, standing, and walking. While sitting the ankles should be in front of your knees.

Along with alignment this position is advantageous to good blood circulation. The chair should be at a position to support the mid and lower back. Lastly maintain relaxed shoulders with engaged scapulae. Standing posture entails stomach slightly tucked, feet shoulder width apart, weight on the balls of your feet, and shoulders once again slightly engaged. When walking maintain keeping your shoulders back and your arms relaxed.
Who knew good posture affects our psychology as well. When you sit with good posture you are more likely to remember good memories. Studies have shown that walking with great posture has a positive correlation with high testosterone levels and low cortisol. Ladies having great posture will not turn you into a man but it will give you a boost in pressure situations.
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