The FitLyfe: Creating Healthy Habits

By on October 29, 2014

The holidays are creeping up very fast. We all know after Halloween the year seems to fly by with festive eating almost weekly. The day of the event is usually not the issue. We all deserve to be able to enjoy vacations and eating the food we love. What causes the weight gain is the lack of healthy habits to counteract the holidays. Most Americans gain from eight to ten pounds every year from November to January. Then the following year you lose those ten pounds doing a Daniel Fast with the church (I know I am not the only one that goes to a church that holds a fast every New Year). To end the endless cycle of gaining holiday and losing it over and over again it is time to create some new healthy habits.

A habit is something that is done in a routine and is often done unconsciously. There are four steps to any habit good or bad.

Think about it positively- If every thought you have about exercising or eating healthy is negative the chances of you participating in it are slim. Once you associate positive thoughts and images with health unconsciously you will be more apt to do it and most importantly maintain the behavior.Rehearse it in your mind- The more you visualize exercising and eating healthy it will become real. Think of leaving the gym and the exact things you will enjoy.

Don’t set an end point- Go into the habit shift with the mind that this will be a lifestyle.

Do it one step at a time- Just alter one behavior at a time so you do not get overwhelmed. When you try to change too many behaviors at once most people cannot keep it up for longer than a couple months.

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