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By on September 16, 2014

el james insideIn his inaugural contribution exclusively for, actor, model and fitness guru James Hatchel details 5 easy steps to maintaining a healthy composure in today’s busy society.

Here’s Five Keys to Taking Your Life Back and Getting Fit at the same time…
1. Pick a time of the day to have “Me” time

Everyone at every age needs to have at least 30 minutes to an hour every day to themselves. This time will help increase peace of mind, increase patience in difficult times, and develop heathy self-love habits. A wonderful way to fill this time could be…. Wait for it… wait for it…. EXERCISE! This would be killing two birds with one stone.

2. Don’t over eat-

These days we often don’t think we got a good deal if we don’t feel stuffed at the end of a meal. This habit will slow your metabolism, lead to obesity, and possibly lead to chronic disease. Eating less food per meal will have several benefits. Your resting metabolism will be more efficient, you will be less lethargic post meal time, and least of all you will reduce your weight. A little practice I developed in college was leaving 15% percent of each aspect of the meal uneaten. Another way to trick your self is to use smaller plates and drink more water during your meals. Essential to this principle is eating slowly. Eating slowly allows your nervous system to tell your brain that you are full.


3. Start where you are-

We have all seen an exercise or an entire exercise routine on line somewhere and decided “Hey that looks like a good idea.” Then you find out the next morning that you are so sore that thinking hard hurts. While during each exercise session it is important to get the most of your time and yourself; consistency is the most important facet of any exercise regimen. To remedy this situation the best course of action would be to start slow and aggressive. Slow and aggressive means start off doing things that you are familiar things but improving every day.


4. Find a reason-

In order to endure extreme exercise sessions three to five days a week we all need a very good reason to do it. A reason that will push you on days that you don’t feel a hundred percent. A reason that will tell you to put the ice cream down and back away slowly. A reason that will inspire a rejuvenated outlook on life and most importantly yourself. No one can create a reason for you. Your personal motivation to exercise and take charge of your life is personal. The only reasons that bad or stupid are ones that don’t work.


5. Don’t be afraid to try new things

I truly believe that every day we wake up a different person. The same habits that ushered you to where you are now usually will not get you to the next phase of awesome. That same workout you did in high school is not going to have the high school results.

One of the best ways to add new exercises to your plan is to simply ask questions.

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