Salute: 4 New Black Mayors Under 40

By on October 5, 2017

With the lackluster and downright demeaning job #45 has been doing as President of the United States of America, we thought it would be refreshing to salute 4 young politicians who are proving that determination, strong work ethic and intelligence can still impact communities in a positive way. While #45 has inspired radical nationalists and racists to boldly assault, attack and abuse, it is important to note that the people with the power to stop them are in local government, namely, the Mayors.

Though we have chosen these four individuals to salute, it should not go unnoticed that there is a host of young Black and Brown politicians across the country who are a part of the political revolution taking place in this country. We can’t help but note the first African American and female elected Mayor in our hometown of Baton Rouge, LA. Likewise, it should be pointed out that across the nation there are upcoming elections featuring a slew of mayoral candidates under age 40. Large cities like AtlantaNew Orleans, Detroit and Little Rock are all seeing strong support for black millennial candidates indicating a new and exciting political trend.

Join in saluting these 4 young, black mayors…

Chokwe Lumumba—Mayor, Jackson, MS

His campaign slogan was “When I become mayor, you become mayor” and that is a pledge Chokwe Lumumba intends to keep.  At age 34, Lumumba defeated 5 strong opponents to become Jackson’s youngest mayor. The attorney is fulfilling his father’s legacy while cementing his own. The incoming mayor’s father was also Jackson’s mayor before his untimely death.

With urgent issues like Jackson’s crumbling roads and bridges and poorly performing school systems on his plate, Mayor Lumumba will have lots of eyes on his performance. We’ll be watching and supporting!


Michael Tubbs—Mayor, Stockton, CA

At 26 years old, Michael Tubbs serves as the youngest and first ever black mayor in Stockton, California. Raised by a teen mother and with realization that his father was serving a life sentence in prison, the determined Tubbs went on to graduate from Stanford University, intern with Google and the White House and eventually became a city councilman in his hometown. Throughout his political career he has been supported by Oprah Winfrey who donated $10,000 to his campaign and President Barack Obama who endorsed his bid for mayor one week before the election. His story inspired the documentary “True Son” and the best part is, his story is not over!


Aja Brown—Mayor, Compton, CA

Aja Brown made history as the youngest elected mayor of Compton, CA ever. She was 31 years old. She has proudly served the citizens of Compton by developing and implementing public policies that facilitate growth. Her signature, “New Vision for Compton” is a revitalization strategy centered on family values, quality of life, economic development and infrastructural growth.

This July, Brown was sworn in for her second term! We’re looking forward to seeing you finish the work Mayor!

Randal Woodfin—Mayor, Birmingham, AL

Birmingham has joined in the national trend of young African American city leaders in the recent election of Randall Woodfin as mayor. As the youngest elected mayor in over 100 years, Woodfin, beat out 11 other candidates.  With more than 30 percent of his city’s residents living below the poverty line, Woodfin has pledged to give his full attention to Education. He plans to create scholarship programs for high school graduates as well as strengthen the power of a high school diploma so that its recipients are eligible to obtain high dollar jobs that don’t necessarily require a 4 year college degree.


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