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By on October 15, 2014

Exercise should not hurt your joints! As an exercise professional, the most intriguing part of my day is always when I meet a new client. The first thing they say is a list of concerns, previous blunders, and aches. To which I reply: relax. Most of the information they are worried about is taken out of context. The previous blunders were just misguidance. The aches are due to poor exercise form and honestly just being heavy. Off all the concerns the one that is usually not easily fixed is the joint pain. Exercising is not necessarily painful. Here are five ways to decrease the amount of pain you feel during your exercise regimen.

  1. Warm Up: A warm will allow your body to get ready for exercise. Imagine trying to start a thirty plus year old car without a warm up….. It might not run very well would it? That is exactly how your body is. Take an extra 5-10 minutes and some light to intense cardiovascular exercise. Jumping rope and walking on a treadmill are my two favorites.
  2. Stretch: Increasing your range of motion in every joint will help with stiffness. This will also help with muscle soreness. After each workout it is a great ideal to stretch for at least five minutes to help open the muscle fibers and therefore improve blood flow and muscle repair.
  3. Use the proper technique: Every exercise has one correct way to do and a million incorrect ways to do it. Either seek out a professional or go on to YouTube to find the proper form for any exercise that is causing pain.
  4. If it hurts don’t do it: This sounds to simple to be true but I live by this rule thoroughly. There are about six exercises that I do not do because for one reason or another they hurt my joints. After some research I substituted those exercises with movements that use the same muscle but most importantly without pain.
  5. Experiment slowly: Trying new exercises is fun and helps keep going to the gym interesting. When you are doing something new do not assume that you can use a certain amount of weight just because you can on other similar exercises.

 Before every workout it is important to have a warm up that gets your body ready for exercise. Your body can benefit from having diverse warm up routines or the absence of routines all together. This was the first time I actively used my muscles during a warm up that incorporated my abs. I like it. Stay tuned for more diverse workout possibilities. Email me for personalized plans that will allow you to efficiently get the results you desire.


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