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By on January 30, 2015

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Black? Too Dark? Never!

Lacking hue and brightness, absorbing light, gloomy and pessimistic. Black is often associated with all things negative but in interior design black, when used correctly can lend itself to sophistication, elegance, formality, and add drama to any space. In small intimate spaces, black can be impetus for conversation and reflection. Black in an entryway can liven up this often forgotten about space. Whether its on a door, stairway, in wallpaper, lampshades, fabric or furniture-black will get noticed. Believe it or not black furniture commands light and space around it, thus, grounding the space. Be mindful to use minimal amounts of pieces to serve your function and the space of the room.

Too many black furniture pieces will look over cluttered and uninviting. Addition of other colors and either compliment or contrast with your black furniture pieces. Black cabinetry can update any tired, lack-luster kitchen. When used in a dinning room, black tells your guest you’re anything but predictable! The bedroom is the one space where you want enough peacefulness so that you can get some rest, so why not use black? Additions of white or metallic’s can add a great contrast for any style, modern, contemporary or traditional. Not ready to try black on your walls or furniture?

Try accessorizing with black accent pieces throughout your space. Try a collage of black frames on a white wall, maybe a black throw pillows on a white or colored sofa, a black rug? Adding black in any shape form or fashion will instantly add drama, sophistication, and elegance to any space –no matter the style.

Black is truly beautiful.

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