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By on March 6, 2017

In British politics, the term Blairism refers to the political ideology of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, but for friend to the site, Blair Dottin-Haley the term refers to his wildly popular apparel line.

Featuring his popular social media colloquialisms, the on-trend message shirts offer stylish commentary for all ages. We caught up with Blair who shared how the line got started…

EL: Tell us how Blairisms came about…

BDH: The groundwork was being laid without me being cognizant. It’s a continuation of something that’s been going on for a few years now; me sharing my commentary on politics and social advice …A friend of mine was interested in me helping her with some social media stuff..she was selling African garb as a side hustle and wanted me to help her with the social media aspect. One day she just casually said “you know apparel is so big now that if you put your blairsims on a t shirt people would buy it.”  I hadn’t thought about I went to FaceBook and asked “who would buy a blairism t shirt” by the end of the day the post had over 100 comments….so my husband, Brandon mocked up like 6 different designs and the day after Christmas, the first day of Kwanzaa we did a pre order….we got about 175 orders in the first week. We were only expecting 30 or 40. To date we’ve sold about $25,000 in gross totals!

EL: There are tons of t-shirt lines out there, whats your goal or mission with Blairisms that makes it stand out?

BDH: Reflection. Inspiration. Laughter.

Creator Blair Dottin-Haley

That’s our tag line, our mission statement really. One of my favorite stories comes from a friend of mine who is a young black guy, he was having issues with a neighbor of his, an older white lady. They went back and forth arguing over noise levels and one day there was an emergency at their complex. They both rushed outside only to discover they BOTH were wearing Blairisms apparel. They talked over their issues, became cordial neighbors and even sent me a picture of the two of them in their shirts! That’s why we do what we do. We’re bringing people together and helping people get themselves together.

EL: That is amazing, who would you say your target audience is?

BDH: Everyone! We’ve got onesies for toddlers and have grandmothers as customers. We’ve also been blessed to have celebrity friends like my uncle D.L. Hughley,  George Lopez,  Kenny Lattimore, Rahsaan Patterson, and Marsha Ambrosius support the line.

EL: What’s on the horizon for Blairisms as a company?

BDH: We’ve been recruiting social media ambassadors, We’re also celebrating our valued customers who we call ‘blair bears” and we’ll have our new spring line available soon.

EL: Share with our readers where they can see the full inventory, make purchases and keep up with all things Blairisms…

BDH: We’re on all social media platforms… @the.blairisms and our website is come check us out!

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